Welcome to the Match Official System

Whether it's Badminton or Cricket, Volleyball or Ice Hockey, Football or Australian Rules Football, every sporting code needs match officials to be on top of their game to provide the best experience for all. The Match Official System is a tool in which any match official, referee or umpire can submit self-assessments on their performance and share that securely with their mentors, coaches or representative bodies.

The Match Official System also allows mentors, coaches and representative bodies to provide direct feedback to their officials securely, knowing with confidence that it will remain confidential. The great thing about MOS is that it's extremely customisable so you can have groups within groups and have the same account who might be an official in one group be an administrator (reviewer) in another!

Does this sound like a product that could be good for your sporting organisation to grow? Are you an Umpiring/ Referee administrator who is being overrun by phone calls or emails asking how the individual is progressing in his or her career? Or are you just an match official who thinks this could benefit your organisation? Then simply scroll down to learn more!

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Designed and built purely for Match Officials

What does the Match Official System offer?

The Match Official System has been built from the ground up with the needs of match officials, referees and umpires in mind. The system is completely modular so you're also able to just use certain sections or the entire product! To give you a glimpse of what it can do, here are some quick bullet points of what it can offer your organisation.

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  • A complete diary system for every match official. Each game can either be kept confidential or shared for review.
  • Create any type of plan for your officials to complete. The planner module allows your officials to answer questions you ask!
  • Create and assign match day, season and general reviews to your match officials with ease knowing they are the only official that will see it.
  • Create and assign media content to your match official either by uploading to MOS or sharing it via YouTube, OneDrive and DropBox.
  • Upload files and share with the cohort.
  • Create, manage and sit all the exams related to your sport.
  • Professional reporting. Do professional development training right where it's needed.
  • Match official profiles. Allow your users to complete and update their details for you, rather than chasing them around yourself.

All of this is also hosted by us here at Cortana Design in the Microsoft Azure cloud. So there is no need to fork expensive upfront costs to get the infrastructure in place to run MOS! We do it all for you.

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Have your officials ready for the season

Are you an organisation administrator interested in MOS?

We offer the Match Official System at very competitive prices for every potential organisation no matter how big or small!

Contact us using our online form below and we'll be in touch with you to explain everything MOS has to offer.

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